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Uniform FAQ

What is the standard uniform kit for CYA Travel Teams?  or What should each player have to make the "complete" uniform kit?

The standard CYA Travel Team kit consists of:
1 - Purple Tiempo II Jersey - Game Jersey
1 - Black Equalizer Shorts - Game Shorts
1 - White Tiempo II Jersey - Game Jersey
1 - Black Socks - Game Socks
1 - Gold Tiempo II Jersey - Training Jersey
1 - Rain Jacket
1 - Warm Up Pants
1 - Backpack

When does the current uniform cycle start, and when does it end?

As of fall 2015, we are in the first year of a two-year uniform cycle with Nike.  This means all travel players are required to buy the standard kit, listed above, this fall.  That uniform kit will span the next two years, until spring 2017.  Beginning in fall 2017, we will start a new two-year cycle.   In essence, any player joining a travel team between now and spring 2017 will need the standard kit listed above.   That kit will be replaced for the fall 2017 season.

Did we get nice Warm-ups?  Or are these the cheap nylon ones?

The warm ups are top of the line Nike Warm-ups.  They are lined, Dri-Fit, warm-ups and are in fact, the same uniforms and warm-ups that are worn by the Washington Spirit.  I think the players will be happy with the quality of the uniforms.

Do the Jersey's have names on them?

ANSWER: No.  There will be no player names on Jersey's per CYA and VYSA Standards

How Do I order a Guest Kit?

ANSWER: Simply add players to your roster with names like  "First Guest", "Second Guest" and assign numbers that do not conflict with your team.  Then you can order them from the site.