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CYA Soccer’s Travel Program is dedicated to providing the highest quality learning environment in the greater Metro DC area. It is our focus to develop and motivate players to achieve their maximum potential as athletes and as people. CYA Soccer is an player-centric program based in an Academy structure. Our teams will be encouraged to play a possession based offensive style with players who are not afraid to take risks on the field. As a trademark of CYA Soccer, our travel players are taught to be creative and smart soccer players. It is our goal to create THINKERS on the field.  All teams work from the exclusive CYA Soccer Curriculum, ensuring that all players develop from the same model. Please visit the Training Tab for more information about the CYA Soccer Training Curriculum. CYA Soccer is not a collection of teams, but a true club, working for the continued betterment and development of all our players. 

With over 50 teams in the top competitions, both regionally and nationally, CYA Soccer provides opportunities for all players with the most comprehensive educational program in the Chantilly area.

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