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Fall 2020 Registration

Fall 2020 Registration deadlines and fees are as follows:

  • Regular registration through September 1 - discounted rate of $145 for bantams, $165 for juniors/seniors
  • Late registration through September 15 - an additional late fee of $25 applies.  Totaling $170 for bantams and $190 for juniors/seniors - placement on a team is NOT GUARANTEED with late registration.
  • Non-Fairfax County Fee.  Players who reside outside Fairfax County, by zip code, have an additional $30 Fee.  This fee is paid directly to Fairfax County each season.

Registrants should expect to be contacted by their assigned coaches after August 15. If you haven't heard from a coach by August 31, please contact the appropriate Ryan Quinn - CYA Soccer Director of Recreational Soccer Current plans are for recreational games to begin on Saturday, September 19.


Parents are responsible for obtaining uniforms directly from Soccer Post DC:

Address: 13041C Lee jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax, VA, 22033

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday - 9am - 5pm 

Sunday - 11am-5pm


Coach, Assistant Coach, and Team Parent Volunteers

CYA Soccer is supported by an outstanding group of volunteer coaches and parents across all recreational age groups. Coaching is a rewarding experience, and CYA will support you with training materials and educational opportunities.

Please indicate your interest in coaching or being a team parent when registering your player.

Need to volunteer in order for a background check? Formally indicate that you'd like to volunteer for a specific age group using our registration system.

Do you need to register to volunteer? Yes, if you plan to be on the fields with the kids in the role of a head coach, assistant coach, or "parent helper" facilitating a game. Team managers that coordinate activities (snacks, etc) do not need to volunteer.

Division & Age Group Coordinators

Bantam Coordinator U5-U7

Junior Coordinator U8-U10

Senior Coordinator U11-U19

Tim Schaad

Randy Jones

Patrick Campbell

Age Group Coordinators (AGC)

Age Group Coordinators (AGC)

Age Group Coordinators (AGC

U4/U5 Coed (2016-17) - OPEN

U8 Girls (2013) - OPEN

U11 Girls (2010)

 Kate Wilke


U9 Girls (2012)  

Kate Wilke

U12 Girls (2009)  

Charlie Zimmerman

U6 Girls (2015) 

Byron Snow

U10 Girls (2011)

Desmond McCarthy

U13 Girls (2008)

 Randy Jones

U7 Girls (2014)

 Becky Kramer


U14 Girls (2007)  

Jon Casey


U8 Boys (2013)

Bob Riemenschneider

U15-16 Girls (2006-2005)

James Metzger / Jeremy Lisenby

U6 Boys (2015) - OPEN

U9 Boys (2012)

 Tyson Faircloth

U17-19 Girls (2004-2002)

Andy Mudge

U7 Boys (2014)

 Nicole White

U10 Boys (2011)

Andrew Parker


U11 Boys (2010)

Dave LinNicole Wood


U12 Boys (2009)

Ross Raphael


U13 Boys (2008)

Susan Frank


U14 Boys (2007)

 Byron Snow


U15-16 Boys (2006-2005)

Anne Hanover


U17-19 Boys (2004-2002)

Rich Schwarzkopf

Refund Policy

Refunds are not issued to players after the season's opening day.  Should there be a special situation, i.e. season ending injury/medical condition or out of area reloaction, the player's parent/guardian should contact our Soocer Coordinator directy at