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CYA Recreational Sports Spring 2020 Season Update

Message from our BOD President, Chris Saben - May 10, 2020

Chantilly Youth Association

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Dear CYA Families,


I have been the CYA President for nearly 3 years now and I am so proud to be guiding an organization that has such a deep seeded commitment to the welfare of our members.  The pain and devastation that this pandemic has afflicted on our community and our families is difficult to comprehend.  The CYA Board of Directors share my commitment to you, members of CYA, which once this situation has passed, we will be here to assist our community in getting healthy, happy and back to normal.

Rest assured the CYA Board and staff have been vigilant in working with federal, state and local officials to attain financial support and flexibility from recent stimulus packages; our lenders to allow flexibility with our operating finances, as well as similarly structured youth organizations to ensure we continue to advocate for the best interests of our respective memberships. That said, we are convinced that given the impact the pandemic is having on our community, it is vital to do what we can starting with addressing the spring registration fees.

We are offering a refund of spring registration fees paid less the administrative fees ($35) associated with running CYA. 

For those of you who prefer to shift your spring registration fee to a future season, we will provide a credit of spring registration fees paid less a portion of the CYA Admin fee ($20).

As a final request, if your family is able to donate your spring registration fee to CYA, we would be grateful. The number of families who will need assistance in the fall is likely to be significant and financial support will be needed to facilitate our community’s return to play in the coming months. Our commitment to doing what is right by our membership is paramount and I sincerely thank you in advance for your kindness, understanding and generosity.


Please review the options available to our membership regarding your Spring 2020 sport registration fees: 

1) Apply your spring registration fees as a 100% Tax Deductible donation to CYA.

2) Request a credit be applied in the Fall 2020, Winter 2020/21 or Spring 2021 season.

3) Request a refund as defined above.

CYA Admin Fee, Donation, Credit and Refund Notes:

CYA Admin Fee: Expenses related to operating CYA such as insurance, annual audit, staff (admin, accountant, director), registration and other business software license fees, background checks, IT infrastructure, legal expenses, and Bennett Rd shed maintenance.

Donation:  CYA is a non-profit organization and we rely heavily on registration dollars to fund our programs. If you are able to apply your spring registration payment as a 100% Tax Deductible donation to CYA, this will help us continue to provide programming to our community in future seasons.  $35 of the donation will go to CYA and the remainder will go to the registered sport. We Thank You in advance!

Credit:  If you would like to request a future credit, we will create a household credit that you can apply to either the Fall 2020, Winter 2020/21 or Spring 2021 season for the player who was actively registered this spring.  The credit amount is equivalent to the refund amount plus an additional $15 incentive.

Refund:  The total spring refund equals what you paid in registration fees less a $35 administrative fee that is consistent across all CYA Sports every season. 

Refund / Credit Example:




Refund Amt

Credit Amt

Spring Soccer




Important Note:  The only recreational sport that is exempt from refunds is CYA Lacrosse.  Please review additional information on the CYA Lacrosse page:


This link will take you to our Demosphere Registration System



Select COVID-19 Spring 2020 Options

The link will be available through June 1st, 2020. 

If you do not indicate your choice by that date, your spring registration fee will automatically be applied to CYA as a donation.

The three options identified above DO NOT apply to travel & non-recreational sports.  The respective sport coordinator of these programs will be communicating with you directly regarding a plan moving forward.


We truly hope to get back out on the fields and in the gyms soon.  Until then, please be safe and continue to look after each other. 

Chris Saben, President
Chantilly Youth Association, Inc.

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